How To Use Spiky Massage Ball On Itb Band

Play and Listen self massage using 2 spikey balls Spikey Ball Hip Flexor Release #2 Mp3 . By Andrew Dixon Publish 2012-05-10. Play Download Ringtone. How to Release Your IT Band from Your Quads & Hip Flexors. Play and Listen runners often suffer from a tight it band dr duke explains how you can use specific exercises foam rollers and massage balls to release from it band from How to Release […]

How To Use Malloc For Char Array

22/11/2004 · I think you people want to avoid malloc at all costs :)but the problem is that I have two applications, notepad & phonebook, that will share the memory. […]

How To Use Overlays In Sony Vegas 13

13 Photo Editing Programs, From Classics to 360. Formerly DxO Optics Pro, the renamed Photo Lab continues to offer RAW and JPEG processing based on optical corrections from DxO's lab models, plus PRIME noise reduction technology and Smart Lighting intelligent exposure optimization. […]

How To Teach Water Skiing

In order to understand how waterskiing works, it's helpful to know the principles of physics underlying the sport. In order to waterski, several factors come into play. A higher Reynolds number indicates a more turbulent fluid. A lower number suggests laminar water, which is optimal for water skiing […]

How To Use Netbeans For Php

Hello Friends, This becomes really simple to make a php program using NetBeans. NetBeans(IDE) was primarily intented to java but also support the language C/C++, PHP, HTML and etc. […]

How To Set Up Epson M244a Printer

You can order them online, or pick them up at your local office supply store. Step Go into you MY COMPUTER icon on your desktop, click on change a setting, click printers and fax, and then right click on your epson printer. […]

How To Win Every Game Of Fortnite

Fortnite Mobile by Epic Games may seem like child’s play, with its cute animations and awesome graphics. After making a few attempts, I realized that the game requires more than just speed. What I needed was a good battle strategy so that I could win every action and maneuver. […]

How To Use Sama In Japanese

In a later article, lets look at ojou-sama Japanese (?????)! Botchan Like ojou-sama ( ??? ), though, it can be used more specifically to address young boys from distinguished families. […]

How To Make Sugar Wax Work

One major advantage of waxing is that it provides better and longer-lasting results than shaving does. But once you've bidden your razor a not-so-fond farewell, you need to do some prep work before you can officially say hello to waxing -- and make it a positive experience. […]

How To Tell Melodies From A Track

30/08/2009 · Of course, the most obvious way to find the song name if you know some of the lyrics is to use our old friend Google to search the string of words you know from the track… […]

How To Work Out Cubic Metres For Interstate Removal

A few small items from Melbourne to Sydney can work out however one item from Perth to Tasmmania may be more than what you were expecting. Keeping this in mind, small movers for your intended small interstate move is highly essential if you want a smoother move. […]

How To Take Kawaii Pictures

1. Start with a cute couple. 2. Insure that they feel comfortable; silly actually (read: add booze if over 21). 3. Don't be afraid to 'leave' the camera, such that they think they are not being photographed- when actually your system insures that they are […]

How To Solve Mean Median Mode

Calculating the mean, median, and mode in Oracle SQL is a task often performed by report developers or anyone else working with SQL. Learn how to calculate these three values from a … […]

How To Write A Cover Letter For Egt

Ready to Get Started? Write a Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps. A well-written cover letter will help get your application noticed and help you secure an interview. Take the time to personalize it so it shows the employer why you're a solid candidate for the job. Here's how to write a cover letter in five simple steps. 5 Types of Cover Letters That Will Help Your Job Search. What Should Be in the […]

How To Take Nail Polish Off Clothes

How to remove Nail Polish from Clothes: – First, check if the fabric contains acetate, triacetate or modacrylic. If it does, then don’t try the following steps as the acetone can deteriorate the fabric. […]

How To Start Mate On Tty

Hi, in Ubuntu Mate 17.04 64 bit I cant switch to other ttys. Pressing ctrl + alt + F(x) keys hides the mouse pointer. ctrl + alt + F7 brings it back. Im using i915 graphics on a thinkpad. I tried with the property intel driver and without but nothing changed. […]

How To Take Baking Soda For Health Benefits

Well, my friend, that’s where the baking soda comes in. Baking soda, according to Dr. Mark Pagel, raises the pH level of cell tissue. Doctors have actually recommended baking soda for patients suffering from weaker forms of cancer. […]

How To Watch English Dub Anime On Crunchyroll Xbox

Crunchyroll; Crunchyroll started in 2006 as a for-profit video upload and streaming site that specialized in hosting East Asian video content. Some of the content hosted on Crunchyroll, such as fansubbed versions of East Asian shows. […]

How To Take Care Of My Partial Dentures

Take dentures out at night and clean them regularly and correctly. In the past, it was common to pull out natural teeth as soon as there was a problem, and replace them with false teeth (dentures). These days, oral health professionals aim to help you keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. With good care, teeth can last a lifetime. But even with good care, it may be necessary to get […]

How To Use Nightingale Powers

CHOPRA: Correctly channeled, it has enormous power – the power to make us sick or well, depressed or joyful, sluggish or dynamic. The mind body connection is the gateway to unlimited creativity and happiness. Unfortunately, our society has not taught us how to use it. […]

How To Set Up Netcomm Nf10wv For Telstra Voip

Usage with Telstra USM modem MF668 and AC312U, Pennytel VOIP, latest 3G18WV firmware. Must have latest AC312U firmware for use with 3G18WV. To start up correctly with internet and VOIP registration success, you must power up the 3G18WV, wait 30 seconds and then connect modem to … […]

How To Sell Your Skills To A Potential Employer

How do you approach this with the confidence and the knowledge necessary to sell your skills, while assuring your potential new employer that you’re the person for the job? Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Are you prepared yet? Set the scene. Any good sales pitch has a strong opener. We often forget that there are many ways to start a conversation, which will engage the hearts and minds of the […]

How To Use Minolta Flash Meter Iv

The second battery in the Flash Meter IV is only for infrared triggering of Minolta camera or flash with dedicated attachments for these purposes. I have one for triggering off camera flash to assist in flash … […]

How To Use Rcbs Military Crimp Remover

Many military crimp removers use a straight cone design that cuts away a large portion of the primer pocket to remove the crimp. The RCBS military crimp removers have been designed with compound angles to remove the staking crimp while leaving more of the primer pocket intact. […]

How To Stop People From Teleporting You Around

If so, you'll know they aren't the most enjoyable people to be around. Negative people can be real downers in any conversation. No matter what you say, they have a way of spinning things in a negative direction. Some negative people can be so negative that it […]

Polaroid Spirit 600 Cl How To Use

19/12/2010 · The Spirit 600 is a pretty basic camera with a single element plastic lens with a 116mm focal length and widest aperture of f/11, and there are basically no controls. The shutter speed is automatic, controlled a photocell next to the lens. You can try to lighten or darken the image using a lever which slides a mask over the photocell window which seems to cover 0%, 25% or 50% of the window … […]

How To Travel With No Money Or Car

I’ve learned on my travels that good travel resources are essential to improve the overall experience abroad. This page is a comprehensive listing of the travel products and sites I personally use to make the most out of my money. […]

How To Teach Directions East West North South

25/07/2014 · Google Maps. Looking for Compass legend on the map and can't find it. North, South, East, West Looking for Compass legend on the map and can't find it. North, South, East, West […]

How To Set Up Imap On Windows 8.1

Check the Enable POP for all mail option (1) if you want to setup a POP3 account in Outlook or/and check the Enable IMAP option (2), if you want to setup an IMAP account. * Note: The main difference between a POP and an IMAP account, is that when you use IMAP and you make a change in your emails in the web or in your mail client program (e.g. Outlook) the change appears in both locations. […]

How To Tell If You Have Mouth Cancer

If you spay a dog before its first heat youll reduce the chance of mammary cancer eight-fold, just because of the hormonal influence. Good oral care can help decrease oral cancers. And if youre buying a purebred dog, check its line to see if theres a specific kind of cancer in that breeds line. […]

How To Take A Screen Shot On Windows Desktop

Taking screenshots of Remote Desktop Home . Hardware and Software Forum Over RDP, how do I make the office pc take a screen shot and have it pasteable? When I attempt to take a screen shot over RDP, it takes a screen shot of my RDP session, (ie it's my local pc taking the screen shot, not the office pc), and the image is not pasteable by the office pc into the document. Anyone know any […]

How To Send Text Messages From Mac Computer

9/06/2013 - MightyText is an awesome service I found out about which essentially allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your Android phone or […]

How To Wear Compression Shorts

You might scoff at the notion of prancing around the gym in a leotard, but compression apparel – whether it’s socks or shorts – is reputed to offer some valuable benefits for the thinking […]

How To Stop Acid Erosion On Teeth

Understanding the acidity of your diet can help protect your teeth from the effects of acid erosion. Read this article. Cavities vs. Acid Erosion. Explore the difference between cavities and acid erosion and how they can affect your teeth. Read this article. How to Prevent Acid Erosion. See how you can start protecting your enamel from acid erosion with these simple steps. Read this article […]

How To Take A Hot Picture Of Yourself

Photo Reference from S-A-M, Flickr. Anime is a popular form of cartoon originating from Japan. Many people love the whimsy of anime characters and try to create avatars that combine their photos with the traditional anime look, but can't find anything realistic. […]

How To Get Affiliates To Sell Your Product

Persistence and sales skills are necessary to get your product into a retail store. Create a list of potential stores to pitch. Look for stores that carry items within your product category and style. For example, a scrapbooking product can be pitched to scrapbook shops, art stores and national chains with a scrapbook section. Contact the store and ask for the buyers name. Ask for the owner […]

How To Use Access Cards Airfield Rust

Download the revamped Priority Pass app to access your Digital Membership Card*, airport maps, and a host of other digital features to enrich your airport experience. * Digital Membership Card access will vary depending on your Priority Pass membership. Premium service and support . We promise to provide the very best service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Membership […]

How To Use A Fisheye Lens Canon

The longest end of this focal length range, 15mm fisheye, is equal to the widest AOV available in a Canon lens prior to the introduction of the 8-15 - the Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens. Below is an example of what the Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye Lens' focal length range looks like. […]

How To Tell If L Lake Sex Whit Girl

I could tell she was getting frustrated with how I was performing, even though I told her it was my first time. I was pretty nervous." Kyle, 21 . 15. "I was 15. There was a girl in one or two […]

How To Train Your Dragon Full Score Pdf

27/02/2016 · Emily Browning - Sweet Dreams (Sucker Punch Dragon scene) 1:00:00 Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in HD 1080p, Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 in HD, Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 Online, How to Train Your Dragon 2 Full Movie, Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 Full Movie Free Online Streaming […]

How To Encourage 14 Month Old To Walk

Games for a 15 Month old Baby. Babies develop their cognition, skills and behavior at fast rates. Consider that a 12- or 13-month-old will chew on a spoon, while a 15-month-old will use the spoon to stir imaginary food, despite only being 2 or 3 months apart. … […]

How To Stay Awake During Sat

Imagine yourself surrounded by a soothing quiet and the low hum of the heating unit lulling you into a toasty sleep… but there’s one problem…… […]

How To See Friends Activity On Facebook

I just want my regular newsfeed to just show all of my friends activity without adding in the pages & whatnot. Is there a way to do this? I don't see much on my friend lists anymore because of Facebook changes so this is why I ask if it is possible to change it so you can only see just all of your friends activity in the regular newsfeed. […]

How To Stop A Little Balls Sheets

During the washing and drying process, little pieces of fabric and lint can come off the items and attach themselves to the other fabrics laundered at the time. These fuzzies are tiny bits of fibers and lint that will cling onto the sheets and other garments. The fuzzies can cause the sheets to... […]

How To Start A Complaint Letter Sample

Complaint to or about Doctor Write this type of letter to complain to or about a doctor. Include any pertinent details in your letter, such as the doctor's name and the specifics of your complaint. […]

How To Start Bluetooth In Windows 7

Disable Bluetooth in Windows 7 - How To - Daily tips and tricks get from To disable Bluetooth follow below steps: Go to Start menu -> Control Panel ; Click on Device Manager to bring up Device Manager Dialog Box ; Under devices tree you will find the name of Bluetooth Device ( in my case it is Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module) Right click on the device and click the […]

How To Restore Laptop To Sell

If you’re planning to sell your laptop or PC you’ll need to erase all of your personal data from your the hard drive. Find out how to do it. Option 1: Reset this PC. Windows 10 has a built […]

How To See Criminal Records For Free

How To Get Criminal Records - Our site provides best quality background check information, you will get access to the personal information, police records, contact information and more. If you were to gather this information, you should note the difference between a summary divorce records and a certified original copy. […]

How To Stop Things Youtube From Sending You Notificatins

Dexter’s comment is astute but unfortunately still doesn’t completely disable the notification icon. Try going to YouTube and watching a video in full screen for 10 seconds… when you exit full screen you’ll notice that cursed bell waiting for you again despite your best efforts. […]

How To Write In Apa Format On Microsoft Word

Step1 Home Ribbon Open Microsoft Office 2007 Word. Select ribbon “Home” if not already selected. On the section “Font”, change the font to Times New Roman or Arial (the most preferred font). […]

How To Pack Bras For Travel

I also pack two bras dark and light and one sports bra. And I carry a pair of small sleep shorts. I usually just wear one of my tank-tops to bed. In cold weather, I add leggings under my sleep shorts and wear my thermal instead. […]

How To Take A Picture With Webcam

15/10/2007 · I have windows vista and an intel webcam. On windows XP I just clicked "my computer" and then was able to double click on the webcam icon in order to take pictures. But this icon does not show up when I click "my computer" on vista. I have installed the programme that came with the camera...and the cam is working fine […]

How To Start A Holistic Healing Business

Building a Holistic Coaching Business Sile started her holistic coaching business so that she could define what success meant to her on her own terms. She’s passionate about helping people design authentic lives and businesses. […]

How To Take Notes From A Textbook Effectively

Effective, transformative note taking is a key step in assignment writing & exam preparation Why take notes? A fundamental reason for taking notes is to enhance your comprehension and retention of the content of a text. The ability to put another’s ideas and explanations into your own words as a summary and/or paraphrase, or to transform a written text into a flow chart or mind map […]

How To Contact The Bitcoin Code Support Team

BitCoinMillions System (also known as BitCoin Code) is a cryptocurrency mining software which has managed to captivate the attention of many online traders. Most of the people who have tested it, find the system to be quite useful in acquiring sufficient monetary sums on the Internet. […]

How To Set Server 2012 Sync With Ntp Server

3/09/2014 · What is the process to establish the DC server 2012 R2 as the time source. Right now it is BIOS clock and I wish to move to NTP as the time source. Right now it is BIOS clock and I wish to move to NTP as the time source. […]

How To Use Margin And Padding In Html

Web Page Padding and Margins. We have already seen how we can apply padding and margins to individual HTML elements using CSS. But we can also apply … […]

How To Turn Off Google Auto Backup On Pc

You now need to turn Off the Auto Backup option with the help of slider button which is there at the top of the screen. So there you go, you have now successfully learnt on how to disable the auto backup […]

Black And Decker Rice Cooker How To Use

English-3-Intended use Your Black and Decker Rice Cooker has been designed for cooking rice as described in this manual. Do not use this appliance for any other purpose. […]

How To Tell If An Article Is Peer Review

A primary research article reports on an empirical research study conducted by the authors. It is almost always published in a peer-reviewed journal. This type of article: It is almost always published in a peer … […]

Musescore How To Set Tempo

The main version of MuseScore, version 1.3, doesn’t support guitar tablature, but MuseScore 2.0 does, along with tablature for several other stringed and fretted instruments. […]

How To Do Travel Photography

Collecting the perfect travel photography gear is a mixture of art and science. Balancing functionality and preparation with agility and...well, weight. No matter what you do, you'll wish you brought just one more thing. Here's the minimal travel camera kit I take everywhere. […]

How To Stop Kim Jong Un Time

News North Korea's Kim Jong Un arrives in China on 4-day trip. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the fourth time in less than a year. […]

How To Set Up Jib Sail

Set the foot of the jib about 1-2 cm off the deck. We use a tape mark on the forestay and a horizontal line on the luff tape of each jib, which we have in the same place to get consistency on jib height. […]

Rpg Maker How To Show Heath Bar

5/10/2015 I'm trying to make a health bar HUD but I can't figure out how to attach your players health to the HUD. I know nothing about programming so learning RUBY might be a bit far from reach for now but I do know someone that knows programming and has agreed to learn RUBY and help me out with my game but he is lazy and is hard to motivate. […]

How To Use Caliber In A Sentence English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "caliber "" No longer does dust seem an appropriate symbol of insignificance and humility when one surveys the bulk of serious literature that has been written about it, considers the caliber of the men who have devoted the better part of their lives to the […]

How To Turn Off Sound Mac Startup

So, try out this method to add, remove or change startup programs in Mac and let us know if you face any issues. Sound off in the comments section below. Sound off in the comments section below. TAGS […]

Prey Mooncrash How To Turn Power On In Moonworks

Mooncrash will change key variables on you on a whim (sometimes, facilities wont have power, or theyll feature environmental hazards you have to deal with). It sucks to spend big on a killer loadout, only to eat shit on something carelessly. And that time pressure I mentioned up top does get in the way of having lots of exploration timeat least, on runs where you are trying to get […]

How To Set Audio Channgel To Mono

Click the arrow by the top (Left channel) waveform (this will also be to the left of top waveform's 1.0 marking). Select "mono" from the drop-down menu. Select "mono" from the drop-down menu. Click on the lower (Right channel) arrow. […]

How To See Colour Of My Aura

Bring the color into focus, and you may find your eyes refocusing a few inches deeper than the surface of the paper, just like looking at auras. Practice with each circle. Practice with each circle. Most people have little problem seeing the whitish area around people. […]

How To Use Clownfish On Discord

1 Clownfish Voice Changer For Discord, Skype, Clownfish Voice Changer for Mac, Skype, Discord, Teamspeak is an enjoyable software. You should Clownfish Voice Changer for […]

How To Write A Petition To The Government

17.1.3 The petition and any letter or document presented with or accompanying the petition, the name/s and physical address/es of the person/s and/or organisation/s submitting the petition, letter or document appear on such petition, letter or document. […]

How To Use Instagram In China

Watch video Instagram wont be so instant anymore. Like Facebook and Twitter before it, the photo-sharing app will soon be getting rid of its chronological feed. […]

How To Take The Razer Mamba Apart

The best alternative to the HyperFlux Mamba is the Logitech G903. You will need to buy the mouse and the charging pad separately, and the total cost will come close to the price of the Razer. […]

Books On How To Write A Great Short Novel

By the end of the 19th century, no book in English literary history had enjoyed more editions, spin-offs and translations. Crusoe’s world-famous novel is a complex literary confection, and it […]

How To Sell Clothes On Ebay And Make Money

Depending on where or how you are going to make money selling kids clothes you will have to figure out pricing. This may be difficult but the best thing to do is compare prices to what other people are selling their clothes for, or find out how much it was brand new and then take a percentage off since it is used. It is not hard to make money selling kids clothes online or even to people in […]

How To Write A Feature Article On Someone

In the course of writing a feature article every month or so, Ive developed a process that works well for me. This process has enabled me to streamline the amount of time I spend on the article […]

How To Use Dowsing Rods To Find Gold

Fourth, if the photos were genuine then there would exist a technique for visually tracing a signal line straight to the target, obviating the need for dowsing rods, yet the manufacturer in question continues to use dowsing rods. […]

How To Use Iphone 5s Without Home Button

14/04/2015 · If your power or home button is broken, then this video will show you how to enter DFU or Recovery mode to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Recboot 2.2 for... Recboot 2.2 for... […]

How To Set Decision Height Pmdg 737

29/12/2013 · - Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:50 pm #457054 hello guys , i hope everyone here is doing great i need some help regarding the Decision height ., i use the PMDG 737 NGX and i wanted to know what is Decision height and where do i put it in the air craft and why do i need it . […]

How To Wear Blak Silver Pleated Skirt

26/06/2017 · For example, if your skirt is black, you could carry a ruby-red clutch or a lime-green one. Keep other accessories simple. Maybe wear a brooch on your shirt (depending on the shirt). […]

How To Turn Off Apps Automatically Running

There is an option to manually update these apps, but in that case, you will not be updated automatically. You will have to update after every some time. Turning off background apps is a very simple method. We will explain the complete process for those who are new to Android smartphones. To turn off background apps, follow the step enlisted below. Turn Off Background Apps On Galaxy S6 […]

How To Set Clock On 2004 Mazda Tribute

We have for sale a good Genuine RIGHT HAND (Driver Side) Door Mirror to suit MAZDA TRIBUTE YU SERIES, POWER, 02/01-06/06 This item is in good used condition and is […]

How To Win Butterfly Snap On Goatlings

29/09/2012 · Hey it was a win, win situation. She gets her badge and I got a happy and content tummy! Posted by We made this little butterfly that stands up which could be used for name tags at a table. These are little note pads on a key ring is so darn cute and was really easy to make. I may pop it in someone special's christmas present. Best of all our next session is now only a fortnight away […]

How To Use Spiker Colorz Styling Glue

2 Pack - Joico Ice Hair Spiker Colorz Colored Styling Glue, Red 1.70 oz Pack of 2 for the UPC: 074469445023This water resistant styling glue delivers unparalleled performance. Create spiky hair with wicked grip and fierce hold for style that stays all day. […]

How To Turn Off Voice Contol Google Maps

27/09/2015 If you are having problems with voice activation for the Google Maps App you'll want to see this video. This is a great app and easy to navigate. […]

How To Write Russian Letters

The Russian Cyrillic alphabet comprises 33 letters thats 7 more than the Latin alphabet. Many of these 33 letters look very familiar to what English speakers are used to: Many of these 33 letters look very familiar to what English speakers are used to: […]

How To Talk To Type On Mac

It's a blessing to have such amazing speech software that allows you to create documents, send email, and on the Mac, control the machine with nothing but your voice. For those familiar with the iPhone client, you may want to take notice of Dragon's latest iteration on the iPad. It's smart, simple, and of great benefit to those who want the portability of the iPad, but are unable to type for […]

How To Send The Email In Outlook

Currently where I work we have an email solution for the factory floor which is just an asp page that will parse through the users inbox and display email, and let them send email … […]

How To Use Vitealitys Jo Bleaching Powder

Jordan Powder, Jordan Powder Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory - Source a Large Selection of Powder Products at milk powder ,ginger powder ,milk powder africa from Jordan […]

How To Turn Off Paypal On Ebay

Is there any way to disable the automatic PayPal payment on a purchase. Specifically, when I buy something the "Pay with PalPal" button appears. Click and the payment is made without having to enter a PayPal password. I searched here and followed the advise to unlink the EBay and PayPal accounts and changed all the settings I could find in PalPal to disallow automatic payments. Just made a […]

How To Make Linseed Stand Oil

From the resources on the internet, it says that linseed (flax oil), has excellent sealing properties, applying it to my wood really makes it look good and healthy, the only negatives i can see are that the coat needs to be re-applied quite frequently, and that the boiled oil can become sticky after a few coats. […]

How To Serve Potato Gnocchi

Serve homemade gnocchi on special occasions. (Image: John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images) Gnocchi are small dumplings made from a blend of mashed potatoes, flour, oil and egg. The potato dough is rolled out and then formed into approximately 1-inch long dumplings. You can serve gnocchi… […]

How To Send A Copy Of A Letter To Someone

As jimsug mentioned, you could indeed make sure to provide an extra copy in person, by fax or email, in addition to the USPS letter, just in case (but also making sure to explain in any such copy that it is merely a copy of the letter sent via USPS, to avoid any confusion, and to avoid the adversary later claiming that letter was not sent by USPS as possibly required by the statute or contract). […]

How To Watch Movies From Laptop To Tv Via Hdmi

For better picture quality, you should connect the computer to the TV using standard VGA ports or via the DVI to HDMI cable provided your TV supports these ports. 2. Open the "display settings" in your Vista computer and activate output to the TV screen. […]

Apps That Teach You How To Sing

Take a few minutes to browse the App Store or Google Play on your smart phone/device and decide on the singing app that’s best for you. You may surprise yourself the next time you venture out to sing … […]

How To Stop A Folder At Sharinng State

To stop the access to a folder you have shared, go to the My Shares section of your pCloud account. Locate the folder you would like to stop the access to and click the Stop button to the rightmost of it. […]

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